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August 11, 2019

Dear All,

Of all the theological themes there are the most difficult to talk about is the Holy Spirit. There are two main challenges to face: eternity and spirit-uality. Eternity, because all talk of the Spirit makes it sound like he's an afterthought; but in eternity there is not before or after. Spirit-uality, because there is no volume or weight or size in the realm of spirits, and the Holy Spirit sounds life the sum of Father and Son.

If you can or will, imagine two great gusts of wind that collide with one another. Without either gust ceasing to be a gust or cancelling the other out some new wind arises with a different direction; but, because this new wind arises from a collision, it has not twice the force of either of the first two, but its own force.

The Father's love-gift to the Son and the Son's reciprocal love-gift to the Father have but one content, the whole of Divinity. At the 'spot' where these two gifts 'cross' receptivity and gift become a third giver and receiver - the Holy Spirit. Divinity cannot be doubled so the Spirit is everything of the Father's gift and everything of the Son's gift, but not twice as much as either. The quotation marks in that last sentence indicate non-spiritual and non-eternal expressions for things that are both spiritual and eternal. I cannot help this inaccuracy.

Because the Spirit is the Spirit of the Father, he is 'lord and giver of life'; because he is the Spirit of the Son, he is the 'spirit of adoption who calls out 'Abba, Father'.
Crack your heads on that little bit for a week. I need space for something else this week.

Really and truly and spiritually, if not eternally, yours,




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