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December 10, 2017

Dear All,

You will want to tell me that what I am about to suggest will never work. Indeed, you will tell me that it has not ever worked before in the history of humanity! But let us indulge in a mental exercise for just a few minutes.

Imagine that every human being on the face of the earth were convinced that procreation (cooperation with God in the channeling of human sexuality to creating and sustaining the environment in which life can come to be and be lived) is such a wonderful and marvelous thing that everyone should pray to find a worthy partner for creating the kind of environment in which such godlike activity is both possible and desirable. Hat the finding of such partner is so important that one should not allow oneself to get distracted from it by any other consideration in looking at other humans. That one should desire and expect nothing more or less from – or for - oneself than that one’s first step into sexual activity should be an act of procreative purpose with someone whom one loves and cherishes as a partner in this work.

Imagine how much less stressful it would be to have adolescents in the family! Imagine how much more relaxed females could be in social and work situations! Imagine how far the number of abortions would fall! Of children from families that never got started! Imagine how much public money could be diverted from the treatment of STD’s! Imagine how serious fiancés would be in the process of engagement and immediate marriage preparation! Imagine how much less disappointment there would be in marriages! Imagine how much smaller the market would be for pornography! Imagine how much stronger a marital relationship shaped by a single godly purpose would be! Imagine what a marriage might be that is obedient to a godly purpose instead of self- or mutual- satisfaction! Imagine what kind of legislators we would have! Or athletic or entertainment role models for our kids! Or priests (lest I forget!)!

Now remember how a whole generation’s attitudes about religion were shaped by ‘Imagine there’s no heaven …”. Those who will not imagine something different and seek the ways to bring that difference to reality become slaves to the status quo and contribute nothing to the process of human history.

Those who seek nothing more for themselves and those they love can only blame themselves when the usual becomes the predictable.

We need to allow human will to dominate biology if there is ever to be a cure for cancer. But we need to know when biology is good and healthy or we will try to make human existence into an act of the will alone – we will try to live like angels! If only that were so!

The recent revelations about the horrors perpetrated by the rich and powerful will not go away because of a parallel enrichment or empowerment in the hitherto victims. Margaret Sanger was wrong! The remedy lies in a universal obedience to one whose plan is always loving and whose power is unfailing in its accomplishment.

Really and truly and obediently (to someone else) yours,



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