How did Christianity affect the kingdom of Aksum quizlet?

How did Christianity affect the Kingdom of Aksum?

Christianity affected the Kingdom of Aksum by opening up new avenues for trade and territorial expansion.

Why did Christianity become the official religion of Aksum quizlet?

Ezana’s decision to adopt Christianity was most likely influenced by his desire to solidify his trading relationship with the Roman Empire. … The growth of the Aksumite state ended after the Persian conquest of South Arabia, which displaced the trade routes of the Red Sea.

What led to the decline of the kingdom of Aksum?

The kingdom of Axum went in decline from the late 6th century CE, perhaps due to overuse of agricultural land or the incursion of western Bedja herders who, forming themselves into small kingdoms, grabbed parts of Aksum territory for grazing their cattle and who persistently attacked Axum’s camel caravans.

What were the impacts of the rise of Islam on Axum quizlet?

The spread of Islam caused Aksum to decline, and eventually fall. This happened because Adulis was destroyed, and their land was taken from them. This caused Aksum to be cut off from other trade ports, and they declined as an international trade power.

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How did the spread of religion affect the kingdom of Axum?

How did the spread of religion effect the kingdom of Axum? When the rulers of Axum adopted Christianity, their new religion linked the people of Axum closely to trading partners to North Africa and the Mediterranean world.

What led to the decline of the kingdom of Aksum quizlet?

Aksum declined due to invasions by Islamic forces which cut off Aksum’s formerly booming international trade and its connections to other Christian settlements and entities. The kingdom of Aksum, in order to escape these invasions, moved to a less fertile location, further leading to its decline as a world power.

When did the kingdom of Aksum decline and fall quizlet?

Aksum began a long slow decline after the 7th century due partly to Islamic groups fighting for their trade routes. Eventually the people of Aksum were forced south and their civilization declined.

What was significant about the civilization of Axum adopting Christianity?

Being a naval power, Aksum was able to transport troops and expand its frontiers. … In the fourth century CE, Aksum formally adopted Christianity as its state religion, linking it culturally to the Roman Empire, which had also officially made Christianity its state religion.

Why do some historians believe that the rise of Islam brought an end to the kingdom of Axum?

Aksum reached its height under King Ezana. … The spread of Islam led to the decline of Aksum. The leaders moved their capital inland to the highlands (to an unknown location) to escape the rise of Islam, but soon they were isolated from other Christian settlements.

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