How do I create a circle in the Gospel living App?

What is circles in Gospel Living App?

The Circles feature connects you with family, classes, quorums, and others who serve with you in the Church. You can have conversations about what you’re learning, share progress, and encourage and support each other. Plus, you can share inspirational articles, images, videos, and service and activity ideas.

How does the Gospel Living app work?

The Gospel Living app opens to a Discover feed of inspirational videos, music, micro articles, images, memes, and social media posts selected to motivate youth to do something in their life that will bring them closer to Jesus Christ and become more like Him.

What is Circle app?

The Circles App is an interactive tool that helps students differentiate the many different types of relationships that they have and their interaction with each person are determined by their level of closeness (or color!).

How do I turn on notifications for Gospel Living App?

Simply tap and hold the the Gospel Living app icon – then click on App Info. If you then click on “Notifications”, you can confirm you notifications settings.

Is the Gospel Living app available?

The Gospel Living app is available for download in Apple’s App Store and Google Play.

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What is the new LDS app called?

The app is called “Become” and can be found at Through simple, self-guided “paths,” users can choose to go through short engaging activities to learn more about basic spiritual truths.

Is there an app for LDS org?

The Church’s Book of Mormon app — available for iOS, Android and Windows in more than 100 languages — allows for instant sharing of a digital Book of Mormon.

How do I download LDS Tools?

Links to the app stores where LDS Tools can be downloaded are provided on the support page: After downloading the new update, members are encouraged to update the photos, contact information and privacy settings for themselves and the members of their household.

Can my Circle see Internet history?

These types of searches are encrypted from end-to-end so Circle isn’t able to see this type of content. Social media sites like Facebook or Instagram encrypt in the same way. Circle can see the domain that is being accessed, but can’t tell what is being searched for there.

How do I bypass the circle on my phone?

Here’s how:

  1. Open your Android’s Settings by tapping the gear in your app list.
  2. Tap Biometrics and security or Security and location. The name of the security menu varies by Android manufacturer.
  3. Select Device admin apps. …
  4. Tap the switch next to “Circle parental controls” to the Off position.