What denomination is passion church?

What denomination is Passion Community Church?

Passion Community Church is a non-denominational church with contemporary worship services located in the Mount Zion Convention Center.

What religion is Ben Stuart?

Ben and his wife, Donna Stuart, will move their family to Atlanta to join a Christian organization called “Passion” and eventually launch a “Passion City Church.”

What Bible does Passion City Church use?

The Jesus Bible NIV Edition: Zondervan, Passion, Giglio, Louie: Amazon.com: Books.

Who is Louie Giglio’s father?

Is Chris Tomlin still at Passion City Church?

In the midst of his record breaking success, and continuing his role as worship leader at Passion City Church in Atlanta, GA, Tomlin continues touring and leading at Passion Conference gatherings across the US and worldwide.

What is a good study Bible to have?

The Jeremiah Study Bible, NKJV

Written by one of the most celebrated Bible teachers in America, The Jeremiah Study Bible NKJV provides readers a deeper understanding of the scripture for an effective relationship with God. The book packs countless features that make it the best study bible in the market today.

Is NIV a good translation?

The NIV was published to meet the need for a modern translation done by Bible scholars using the earliest, highest quality manuscripts available. … The NIV was updated in 1984 and 2011 and has become one of the most popular and best-selling modern translations.

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Is Louie Giglio married?

Where is Louie Giglio from?