What does the word propitiation mean in the Bible?

What is meant by propitiation in the Bible?

1 : the act of gaining or regaining the favor or goodwill of someone or something : the act of propitiating : appeasement a sacrifice in propitiation of the gods

What’s the difference between atonement and propitiation?

As nouns the difference between atonement and propitiation

is that atonement is a repair done for the sake of a damaged relationship while propitiation is (dated) the act of propitiating; placation, atonement, similar to expiation but with the added concept of appeasement of anger.

What is another word for propitiation?

Some common synonyms of propitiate are appease, conciliate, mollify, pacify, and placate. While all these words mean “to ease the anger or disturbance of,” propitiate implies averting anger or malevolence especially of a superior being.

How do you explain propitiation to a child?

In propitiation, the wrath of God is satisfied. God’s wrath is satisfied by the sacrificial death of Jesus. Jesus dies in our place (sacrifices His life) and takes our punishment (God’s wrath and eternal death and separation from God).

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Is the word propitiation in the Bible?

1 John 2:2 (KJV) reads: “And he is the propitiation for our sins: and not for ours only, but also for the sins of the whole world.” There is frequent similar use of hilasterion in the Septuagint, Exodus 25:17-22 ff.

What is the origin of the word propitiation?

Propitiation comes from a form of the Latin verb “propitiare,” which means “to appease.” If you’re doing something in propitiation, that’s your basic goal: to regain favor.

Why do we need propitiation?

So, in summary, the biblical concept of propitiation relates to God’s righteousness being completely satisfied by the death of Christ at Calvary, thereby enabling Him righteously to save sinners who place their faith in Christ.

Are atonement and redemption the same thing?

As nouns the difference between redemption and atonement is that redemption is the act of redeeming or something redeemed while atonement is a repair done for the sake of a damaged relationship.

What’s the meaning of Propriate?

1 obsolete : appropriated. 2 obsolete : particular, peculiar.

How do you use the word propitiation in a sentence?

He is the propitiation for our sins, and not for ours only, but for the whole world. The first is his failure to elicit a response from Maruti even after much propitiation. But seek the propitiation of the Father on high for our son. God loved us, and sent His Son the propitiation for our sins.

What is a propitiatory?

Definitions of propitiatory. adjective. intended to reconcile or appease. “sent flowers as a propitiatory gesture” synonyms: propitiative conciliative, conciliatory.

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What does expiation mean in the Bible?

1a : the act of expiating something : the act of extinguishing the guilt incurred by something … the Mass, the principal church ceremony that celebrates the sacrifice of Christ for the expiation of the original sin of Adam and Eve. —