What is the true meaning of being a Christian?

What is the definition of a Christian according to the Bible?

According to the Bible, a Christian is a person who has been offered the Holy Spirit upon repentance of their sins. When you repent, you are baptized and you receive the Holy Spirit. As a Christian, this spirit enables you to gain insight into the truth of God as well as his word.

What is the point in being a Christian?

What is the Point of being a Christian? One is pointed to God, who is the point of everything. If one thinks of religion as just ‘useful’ then one has reduced it to another consumer product.

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Why should I convert to Christianity?

As we develop our relationship with God, he transforms us through his Holy Spirit into the person we were created to be. And as we are changed through his Word, we begin to exercise and develop the gifts God has placed within us.

What are the benefits of a believer?

Remember, our believers’ benefits are forgiveness, knowing Jesus, overcoming the evil-one, being strong, and having God’s Word in us. Perhaps you want these same benefits that are certain, sure, and real. You can have them. They are made possible because of the blood of Jesus.

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What is good in Christianity?

The good is the right relation between all that exists, and this exists in the mind of the Divine, or some heavenly realm. The good is the harmony of a just political community, love, friendship, the ordered human soul of virtues, and the right relation to the Divine and to Nature.