Who translated the Bible into Bemba?

Who translated the Bible from English to Bemba?

He translated the Bible from English to Bemba language.

Paul Mushindo.

Paul Bwembya Mushindo
Born 1896 Chinsali District, Zambia
Occupation Church minister, teacher, author, politician
Known for Translating the Bible into Bemba

When was the Bible translated into Zulu?

The first full Zulu Bible was translated by the Bible Society of South Africa in 1959. A revision was produced in 1997.

When was the Bible translated into Bemba?

Part of the Bible in Bemba language was first published in 1904, followed by the New Testament in 1916, and the entire Bible in 1956. Currently a revision is in progress. Paul Mushindo and the Scottish missionary Robert McMinn worked together on Bible translation into the Bemba language for more than twenty years.

How was work in Bemba?

Mwabombashaani? (How has work been?) Ndi bwino, ngaiwe? Bwino, ngaiwe? Niwe nani?

What is the African Bible called?

Like a triangle’s top, it stands on the shoulders of like-kind utterances of preceeding Primitive (the first humans) and Very Ancient Africans. Collectively, they are called the Ancient African Bible (i.e. Spiritual Literature), itself the parent of all of the world’s Bibles.

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