Question: Is there a praying hands Emoji?

Is a high five?

“The [folded hands] emoji does see some occasional, genuine uses as a high five, but this application most often appears to be in reference to the popular debate over folded hands as the high five emoji,” the article read.

What does this mean?

This emoji shows a strong bicep with the typical gesture of someone who won a fight. It can represent physical strength or metaphorically, strength on any skill. Muscle Emoji is usually used when encouraging someone to accomplish something difficult or when you did a great job or won something.

Why did my praying hands emoji disappear?

If you update your iPhone to iOS 8.3 from iOS 8.2, say goodbye to the old “prayer hands” emoji. … The disappearance of the yellow light behind the hands makes more sense if you think about the picture as a high five.

How do you get the brown praying hands emoji?


  1. U+1F64F.
  2. U+1F3FE.
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