What are Eric Church’s boys names?

Why is Eric Church called the chief?

When it came to the nickname, Eric explains, “Well, Chief became my nickname on the road, really as a joke… … ‘ Everybody, my dad called him chief as his son-in-law, so it was just very neat to me, that across generations, it became my nickname naturally and nobody knew about it being my grandpa’s nickname, nobody.”

Why does Eric Church wear sunglasses on stage?

Well, the reason is actually very practical. It’s to protect his eyes! Standing at 6’3″ the bright lights would shine directly into his eyes while on stage. The lights would bake his contacts to the point that they would pop out of his dry eyes leaving him unable to see.

Is Eric Church in the Grand Ole Opry?

Eric Church

Modern country outlaw Eric Church made his Grand Ole Opry debut in 2006 and has made frequent trips to their stage in the past nine years. He’s a no-frills and no-fuss performer, which is a perfect fit for the Opry stage.

What is Eric Church’s Instagram?

Eric Church (@ericchurchmusic) • Instagram photos and videos.

What is Eric Church’s biggest hit?

Best Eric Church Songs of All Time – Top 10 Tracks

  • Springsteen. Eric Church.
  • Drink In My Hand. Eric Church.
  • Heart On Fire. Eric Church.
  • Hell Of A View. Eric Church.
  • Record Year. Eric Church.
  • Talladega. Eric Church.
  • Smoke A Little Smoke. Eric Church.
  • Round Here Buzz. Eric Church.
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Who sings with Eric Church?

A lean, uptempo country-rock tune propelled by 16th-note hi-hats and throbbing bass, “Break It Kind of Guy” is the defiant, “Chief” side of Church as heard in “Drink in My Hand,” “Smoke a Little Smoke,” and “The Outsiders.” With soulful backing vocals from longtime bandmate Joanna Cotten, Church stresses that he’s his …