What church held John Lewis Funeral?

What was John Lewis church?

From MLK to John Lewis, Ebenezer Baptist Church has been a haven for civil rights. … So the Atlanta institution known as “America’s Freedom Church” was a natural home for the funeral of John Lewis, the longtime Georgia congressman and civil rights champion who died on July 17 at age 80.

Was John Lewis a member of Ebenezer Baptist Church?

John Lewis is a member of Ebenezer.” So Thursday, as the world says goodbye to a global figure, the church will honor a longtime parishioner, who on Dec. 21, 1968 was married in Ebenezer in a small ceremony conducted by King’s father, the Rev.

Where was John Lewis buried?

How long was MLK a pastor?

From 1954 until 1960, Martin Luther King Jr. was the pastor of the Dexter Avenue King Memorial Baptist Church, the only church where MLK pastored and the site where he began his Civil Rights activism.

When did John Lewis preach his first sermon?

In 1955, Lewis first heard Martin Luther King Jr. on the radio, and he closely followed King’s Montgomery bus boycott later that year. At age 15, Lewis preached his first public sermon.

Who is the pastor of Ebenezer Baptist Church in Atlanta?

Raphael Warnock. Savannah, Georgia, U.S. Raphael Gamaliel Warnock (born July 23, 1969) is an American pastor and politician serving as senior pastor of Ebenezer Baptist Church in Atlanta since 2005 and the junior United States senator from Georgia since 2021.

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